Organic Fish

Choosing the right fish is a bit more complicated than meats, since you're dealing with 2 very different sources: wild-caught & farmed fish.
Let's be clear; wild-caught fish is not organic, simply because the environment in which the fish was living, could have possibly been "polluted", meaning that there could have been elements present that aren't considered organic. However, you can assume that the fish did live in the most natural way possible.

Farmed fish can be organic, simply because it's possible to fully control the environment in which the fish was grown, and the type of food it ate.
The fishfarmers don't use any hormones and anti-biotics, and the fish has a larger living space.

So how do you recognize organic fish? 

Any fish labeled with the Eko symbol, is organic, but there are a few other certifications that will also ensure you have organic fish.
Via this link, you have the offical overview of all certifications. Both the Krav & Naturland fish is organic as well.

Where to buy?

Organic fish is sold at the Ekoplaza shops, or check the following online shops:

When choosing fish, at least always make sure you pick sustainably caught fish. These fish have been caught with respect for nature and other animals.
Sometimes the package doesn't have certification, but it should always show where the fish comes from.
Via this handy guide, you can check whether the fish is sustainably caught, or whether it's endangered or not.

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