Dining out Paleo: Jaspers

Ok, don't get too excited straight away; there are still no Paleo restaurants in Amsterdam. Yet.
But, if you want to know about places where you can keep things fairly Paleo, that shouldn't be a problem.

One of our personal favorites, is Jaspers. Open since late 2011, this place always manages to amaze and surprise us every time we visit.
It's hard to find a restaurant with a personal touch these days, but Jaspers sure makes up for it.
From your table you can look straight into the open kitchen in the back, where chef Jasper and his team are working their magic.
The menu changes bi-weekly, and if you makes reservations in advance, they will make sure they accommodate any dietary requests, such as gluten-free for example.
All ingredients all based on the seasons, and were possible, organic.

You can choose the 3-course menu, and add additional courses in between if you like. A 3-course meal costs €38,- or you can even choose to just have a main and dessert for €29,50.

During our visit, we didn't worry too much about the paleo side of things, but as said before, there is always
a way to work around your dietary needs.

Pay them a visit, you'll not be sorry!

Restaurant Jaspers
Ceintuurbaan 196
020-471 5233

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