Where to buy organic foods? Coconut oil? Meats?Find out below!
Also, most supermarkets have an organic (biologisch) line and will sell organic meats & other products. Sign up for the newsletters featured on the Information page to find out about special sale prices.

De Volkskruidentuin
For cooking fanatics; stuffed with spices, herbs and more!

Delicious Food
Sells for example:
- unsweetened almond milk (EcoMil)
- nuts
- raw foods

Eko Plaza
Organic supermarket

Organic & local foods. Not cheap, but they usually have discounted meats (close to "use by" date) and fish, all of high quality.

Unlimited Health
Raw foods & super foods

Organic supermarket

Tjin's Toko
Oriental / South American / American supermarket
Sells e.g. canned pumpkin, Aroy-D coconut milk

Oriental Enterprise
Asian supermarket, sells Aroy-D, coconut oils, etc.

Genco Versmarkt (warning! scary picture)
Family run Turkish supermarket with 3 locations. Not organic, but a big selection of vegetables, meats and other products for a very good price.

Kema Vlees
It's always busy in this butcher shop, the meat is not organic, but good quality & value for money!

Paleo Company
Paleo cakes right here in Amsterdam!

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  1. Hi! This is an awesome list! I'd also recommend Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve in Amsterdamse Bos. They have biodynamic eggs and organic meats from the farm. Also a small biologisch market on Saturdays. A fun place to visit too! :)

  2. Hi, would you know where to get Paleo-friendly fish sauce here in Amsterdam (online or offline)?

    1. Hi! Not that we are aware of, but there is a brand called Red Boat, that you can get via Amazon UK: