This page will list restaurants in Amsterdam that feature paleo friendly items on the menu or are willing to accommodate any dietary requests. They are all based on personal experience and are not affiliated in any way.
This list will be updated as much as possible and feel free to leave recommendations in the comments below.

Specialty is steak, and grass-fed is featured on their menu. You can order any paleo friendly sides additionally.

Burger place with organic local product, there is an option to order any of the burgers as a salad, without the bun.

Mi Sueno
Argentinian steakhouse with an extensive meat menu. You can order side dishes and there is a salad-bar.

Restaurant Jaspers
A culinary, personal experience, see the chef at work in his kitchen, prepping a menu that changes bi-weekly, using seasonal products. Any dietary requests will be carefully considered.

Little Collins
Brunch & dinner, order the "big one" without the bread and you're good to go! 

Great menu, lots of things to choose from! Also, check the review.

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