Grass-fed/Organic Meats

Where can you buy grass-fed (G) or organic (O) meat in The Netherlands?

Jersey Vlees ( (G)
Order online and pick-up here in Amsterdam.

Pure Graze ( (G)
Available through their webshop. Orders start from 5kg.

Wild Rundvlees ( (G)
Order online and choose for delivery (+€ 25,-) or pick-up at a location (Amsterdam available)

Free Nature ( (G)
Both a webshop and local pick-up (not in Amsterdam)

Schotse Hooglanders ( (G)
No delivery in Amsterdam, pick-up is possible (Groningen)

Blaarkop Winkel ( (G)
Delivery country-wide, weekly specials available. ( (O)
Delivery country-wide, not frozen but specially packaged on the day of delivery.
Free delivery on orders of €75,- and up. ( (O)
Organic & free-range meats, delivered country-wide (frozen) Minimum order weight is 3kg.
For a review on OKVlees, click here. (O)
Delivery country-wide, and they also provide the "Pakjegemak" option, so you can pick it up at over 2800 locations. Free shipping on orders over €50,-

Separate mention:

Dutch Angus (
Angus beef right here from The Netherlands! Resons why they get a separate mention, is that they are not officially certified organic. For the reason why, go here (Dutch) So the meat IS actually organic, but the butcher that treats their meat, is not.

Beef & Steak (
A few of their products are organic, but they have a lot of high quality meats as well, like Black Angus, Wagyu & New Zealand lamb.

Bourgondische slagerij online

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  1. Thank you so much for this very useful list.

    Another guide that would be nice: where to buy animal fat such as goose, pork or duck. I am still looking for grease, I just found goose one so far.

    1. Thank you for the input, we will make sure to post more info on that soon!

  2. hi there! so happy to find your site! im from noord-brabant and have been trying to eat clean. and its not really easy to do it in nl. finally discovered your site that is all about grass-fed meat. i have been looking for one in my area and its not easy. im not so happy with the organic meat that im getting in a nearby store.

    do you happen to know of a paleo group in noord-brabant?

    thanks so much agind!!

  3. Hey there! Thank you for your message, happy to hear our site is helpful! We don't know of a paleo group in NB, but be sure to check out the paleo NL Facebookpage as well:

  4. Hi, Great blog, i have been following for a while, I'm also on Paleo but closer to zero-carb and that means I need plenty of fat to get through my daily calories intake :) one thing i cant seem to find often is good quality lamb meat or lamb fat, any ideas...The Turkish groceries have it but not sure what the quality of the meat, don't think its organic or grass fed.

    thanks !

    1. Hi and thank you! Indeed you'll plenty of fat :-) Maybe check our post too on various types of fat:
      For lamb, we like the Kema butcher in the Kinkerstraat, but the source is most likely also not organic. However, you can always ask! The meat quality is very good!

  5. Hi, thank your for sharing our website ( We do deliver in Amsterdam. In hole the country and Belgium. You can order your grassfed meat on our website en choose the date of delivery.
    Greets Ymkje

  6. Thanks for sharing such a graet info, it is really helpful to who looking for Order Meat Online.