Breakfast & Lunch Paleo: Omelegg

If you eat paleo, than it's very likely that eggs are a big part of your meals. Either for breakfast, snack or
anything in between, eggs are very versatile and nutritious. So when we heard about Omelegg, we just HAD to go there.

Located in the Pijp on the Ferdinand Bolstraat, this little gem opened it's doors in May of 2013, and boy, are we glad they did.

The menu revolves around the "omeleggs", omelettes made in super creative variations, of which many are 100% paleo or become paleo by asking to leave a particular ingredient out.
Otherwise, just create your own eggs, with add-ons you can pick yourself.
Simply ask "no bread", and you're good to go!

The Farm Boy, no bread

For €8,95 you get excellent value for money; a huge, delicious omelet and on top of that, the staff is super friendly and offers great service.

Along with the relaxt vibe, this is definitely a valuable addition to the growing Amsterdam breakfast scene.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 143

No, we were not bribed to write this review & didn't get anything for free either. It's our honest opinion and we're sticking to it.

Dining out Paleo: Julius Bar & Grill

On November 29th, Julius Bar & Grill opened its doors on the Ceintuurbaan, and when a friend
recommended it to us, we couldn't wait to go ourselves.
Made reservations on a Saturday night, and when entering that evening, the hustle and bustle inside welcomed us.

We both agreed immediately that this was an excellent "guys place", although this doesn't mean it isn't a girls place. But you know what we mean. It also reminded us of a great restaurant in New York, called DBGB. Same look and feel, and when looking at the menu, a bit of the same concept as well, only less sausage :-)

Our table was in the back, where there were also 3 separate dining spaces, excellent for groups.
A real eye-catcher is the glass showcase with the meats aging.

The menu is an excellent variety for everyone's taste, that even vegetarians can choose from, and most of the items are paleo friendly.
The mains come with a baked crushed potato, but you can opt to leave that out (however, we actually don't mind the occasional white potato)

We choose the baba ganoush and sausage from the "bites" section and they were excellent! Accompanied by a nice of sparkling glass of Shiraz, this was a good start.

As mains, it was rib-eye and the hamburger, both with the potato and coleslaw, and again, cooked to perfection. The hamburger was medium cooked, as was the rib-eye. Delicious.
Trouble with dim-lit restaurants: too dark to take a picture and the flash makes any food look like crap, so you'll have to take our word for it.

And dessert; so NOT paleo, but we didn't care. Vanilla yogurt with salted caramel is probably the best thing that will happen to you EVER and is worth putting your paleo principles on-hold.
And the chocolate is excellent as well, making any chocolate lover happy.

To sum it up: we really like Julius. Why?
First of all because the products are chosen with care, like organic chicken, Angus beef and sausage from Louman to mention a few.
Second, because the menu provides great option to eat fully paleo, you can choose sides such as grilled veggies & salads.
And third is of course that everything tastes great and our bill wasn't too crazy either: 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts & 6 glasses of wine for 93,-. 
Only note for improvement was that the staff seemed a bit all over the place (but friendly nonetheless), but that could be the hiccups of a starting restaurant.

We'll be back.

Julius Bar & Grill
Ceintuurbaan 256-260

Genetically Modified Foods

More and more you'll hear about genetically modified foods in the news, with a company like Monsanto being one of the worst enemies in the fight again GMO's. If you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend watching the movie "Food, Inc."

Unfortunately labeling products that contain GMO's is not mandatory (yet) in the USA for example, but what about here in Europe?

By EU law, products that contain GMO's (over 0,9%) must have this mentioned on the label. The Dutch word for GM is "genetisch gemodificeerd".
If you want to be sure that food is not genetically modified, you can buy organic.

More info on the EU regulations on GMO's can be found here (Dutch) and in English.

The full version of Food, Inc.: