Breakfast & Lunch Paleo: Omelegg

If you eat paleo, than it's very likely that eggs are a big part of your meals. Either for breakfast, snack or
anything in between, eggs are very versatile and nutritious. So when we heard about Omelegg, we just HAD to go there.

Located in the Pijp on the Ferdinand Bolstraat, this little gem opened it's doors in May of 2013, and boy, are we glad they did.

The menu revolves around the "omeleggs", omelettes made in super creative variations, of which many are 100% paleo or become paleo by asking to leave a particular ingredient out.
Otherwise, just create your own eggs, with add-ons you can pick yourself.
Simply ask "no bread", and you're good to go!

The Farm Boy, no bread

For €8,95 you get excellent value for money; a huge, delicious omelet and on top of that, the staff is super friendly and offers great service.

Along with the relaxt vibe, this is definitely a valuable addition to the growing Amsterdam breakfast scene.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 143

No, we were not bribed to write this review & didn't get anything for free either. It's our honest opinion and we're sticking to it.

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