Let's get Greasy!

Not only because the winter is here, but also because we got some requests about this topic, we decided to
talk about some other fats that don't get the attention they deserve.
There are more fats than coconut oil and ghee, and they are an excellent addition in the kitchen. Let's have a look at some and where to buy them.

Goose Fat (ganzenvet)
Rich in monounsaturated fats (highest in poultry fats) and oleic acid.
It is wonderful for use in the oven, adding a nice, rich flavor.
Where to buyMeerdanvlees.nl & Webpoelier

Duck Fat (eendenvet)
Duck fat is great for roasting potatoes (yes, both white and sweet!) Add some rosemary and you're golden!
Where to buy: Webpoelier

Pork Fat (reuzel)
Not used very often in NL anymore, but this is wonderful for cooknig your eggs in the morning.
Where to buy: Amazing Oriental

Beef Fat (rundvet)
Another very tasty source of fat, great for roasting veggies!
In Amsterdam, there is one butcher that carries it for sure: Slagerij Louman.
Otherwise, check: Beef & Steak

For local butchers that sell poultry fats, check a poelier.
More more information on these fats, check this post by Mark Sisson.

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