Paleo style Dinner: Narbonne

First off, sorry that we didn't take any pictures ourselves, shame on us!! Honestly, when we went to Narbonne, it wasn't with the intention to write about it.
The epiphany only came later; this is a great Paleo friendly place!

Our visit wasn't the first, we've eaten here already a few times before and it has been excellent every time. The reason why it has made it on our Paleo list, is simply that their menu is very Paleo complaint, pretty much all the items are ok to have (except for the burrito & pasta) and if you don't mind letting the reigns go a bit, we HIGHLY reccommend the Teriyaky beef.

The menu offers 2 possibilities; either a regular main course, or create your own meal with 2-3 smaller dishes. If needed, you can always order additional dishes along the way.

Are all ingredients paleo? We are not sure, and quite honestly, we don't mind. Going out for dinner paleo-style is a challenge as it is, and Narbonne makes it a lot more enjoyable! Delicious!

Bosboom Toussaintstraat 28

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