Grass-Fed Meats

In The Netherlands it isn't very common (yet) to refer to meats as either grain-fed or grass-fed, so if you are looking to buy grass-fed meats, this requires a bit of research.
The Dutch term is "grasgevoerd", but you won't find this term in the supermarkets.
Even of meats that are organic, cannot be safely assumed that the animal was grass-fed.
Organic with regards to the feed of the animal only guarantees that the food does not contains any hormones & antibiotics.

Why eat grass-fed meat?
Cows are meant to eat grass and grass only, period. Their digestive system is complex, and just as with humans, putting the right fuel in, will also result in a better outcome.
(we highly recommend watching Food Inc. by the way)

Grass-fed meat is higher in omega-3 (up to 6 times higher). Omega 3 is good for you. Grain-fed meats are higher in omega-6.

Grass-fed meats don't contain hormones or antbiotics.

Grass-fed cow = happier cow.

What about Irish beef?
It's not a guarantee that Irish beef is 100% grass-fed, since it is possible some grains will be added to their diet in winter.
Accoding to their website, Albert Heijn claims to sell Irish beef in the "Puur & Eerlijk" line, but that the animals do get fed grain on occasion.
Vomar sells Angus beef, but no info on their website is found whether it's 100% grass-fed or not.

More on Irish beef: (so look for the Pure Life label)

Where can you buy grass-fed meat in The Netherlands?

Jersey Vlees (
Order online and pick-up here in Amsterdam.

Pure Graze (
Available through their webshop.

Wild Rundvlees (
Order online and choose for delivery (+€ 25,-) or pick-up at a location (Amsterdam available)

Free Nature (
Both a webshop and local pick-up (not in Amsterdam)

Schotse Hooglanders (
No delivery in Amsterdam, pick-up is possible (Groningen)

Blaarkop Winkel (
Delivery country-wide, weekly specials available.

Schotse Hooglanders

This list is probably not complete, and will be updated as much as possible. Please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. I'm just gettting into Paleo and I'm really glad I found this website. Naturally, I'm searching for information on Paleo in English so I always find resources that are American. So, its great to take these American concepts and find them in The Netherlands! Thanks for the links.

  2. The website collects all farmers that sell meat of their own animals. The pages list what the animals are fed, how they are kept and which breed they are. The website is free for everyone, both the farms and the visitors of the website.

  3. Most of the microbes that reside in the gut of a cow and find their way into our food get killed off by the acids in our stomachs, since they originally adapted to live in a neutral-pH environment. OBE Organic is the best one..

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  6. Hi,
    Any update on the list? Do you know where to find grass-fed butter in Amsterdam?