Product Review: BoojaBooja Ice-Cream

After a spontaneous walk into the Biomarkt the other day, we came past the freezer section and couldn't help but notice the ice-creams (ok, we admit it, we were drooling over the Ben & Jerry's selection)
Another brand caught our eye, since the label read "gluten- soy- & dairy free". It was called BoojaBooja, and the assortment had funky names like "Hunky Punky chocolate" & "Coconut Hullabaloo"

Ingredients were water, agave, cashew nuts & a type of flavouring,  so we couldn't resist and bought 2 small cups to try.
The company is from the United Kingdom (Norfolk) and was founded in 1999, and started out making chocolate truffles.

For a non-dairy ice cream, the taste and texture a surprisingly good, the chocolate very rich and the coconut was very nice as well.
Only down-side in our opinion is the use of agave syrup. For some reason, agave has gotten the reputation of being a "healthier" substitution for sugar, but we don''t really understand why.
Agave is actually higher in fructose than regular sugar, which also explains why the ice-cream tastes really (too) sweet. More on agave can be read here.

Our verdict?
We won't buy it again, and for 2 reasons:
1) the price (small tub €2,90 & big tub €9,75)
2) agave syrup.

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