Product Review: Finck Naturkost Ghee

 What is ghee?

The closest product to butter without dairy, is without a doubt, ghee. It's origin is in South Asia and is used for both cooking and rituals.

Traditionally, ghee comes from cow's milk, and it's prepared by simmering butter and removing all residue (milk solids) Therefore ghee is also ok to use by people with a dairy allergy.
However, some ghee might have a small percentage of milk solids left, so it's important to always check the label. Ghee has a long shelf life and can be kept outside the fridge, also after opening.

Clarified butter or ghee?

You might have heard of clarified butter, and often ghee is referred to as clarified butter as well. In the broader sense, this is correct, although the preparation process is slightly different.
Clarified butter is made after the water has evaporated and the milk solids are removed, whereas with ghee the milk solids are simmered in the butter, creating a more nuttier taste.

Ghee all over the world

There are many varieties of ghee all over the world, with each country having it's own preparation method and use. Some other names are:
  • Brown Butter (England)
  • Beurre Noisette (France)
  • Smen (Morocco)
  • Manteiga de garrafa (Brazil)
  • Butterschmalz (Germany)

The product: Finck Naturkost Ghee

This is definitely the best ghee we've tasted so far.  Soft and creamy, it keeps it's texture even when the room
temperature is a bit higher.
Some ghee can be a bit crumbly, where this ghee remains smooth, like a soft spread. The aroma is beautiful, and once heated, fills your kitchen with an delicious buttery smell.
Tasting both nutty and buttery, this ghee is a feast for the senses!

Where to buy?

Sold in jars of 230 grams, it's available online at
for 5,99 per jar.
On orders of 20,- or more, use our special code PAE259MW to get free shipping!

Order your ghee here!

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